Google aims to dramatically improve photo editing on Chromebooks

What do you want to know

  • Two new Chrome OS experimental flags have been spotted and should bring improvements to the Gallery app.
  • These flags suggest that Google plans to integrate Photos into the Gallery app.
  • By doing so, users will have more robust editing tools for photos and videos.

It’s safe to say that there’s a lot going on in the world of Chromebooks and Chrome OS right now. We don’t finally have the ability to play some of the best Steam games, but Google is constantly releasing new updates to improve the user experience.

One of the most recent discoveries comes courtesy of 9to5Googlesince two new flags appeared in the Chromium Gerrit.

  • #media-app-photos-integration-image: Integration of the photos of the multimedia application (image) – In the gallery, can find more editing tools for the images in the photos.
  • #media-app-photos-integration-video: Integration of photos from the multimedia application (video) – In Gallery, enable search for editing tools for videos in Photos.

These two flags are accompanied by another functionality present on Chromium Gerrit since May 26th. Under the Media App tag, a new “Mojo API” has been established which does the following:

Take the URL of the currently uploaded file in Media App, convert it to a valid GURL setting its origin as the Media App URL, and use it to create a change intent to pass to Photos.

All this to say that users should soon be able to select a photo from the Gallery app on the best Chromebooks and automatically open it in the Google Photos app. With the Photos app installed from the Play Store, users will then have access to many of the same tools you can already use on your phone, tablet, or from Photos in the browser.

Currently, the Gallery app offers a few different editing tools, including the ability to crop/rotate, resize, apply manual lighting filters, or annotate. While these controls are fine for most, they don’t allow users to make finer adjustments to their photos or videos. Instead, you’ll need to use something like Pixlr in the Chrome browser or download a separate app.

Once these flags are available on Chrome OS and Chromebooks, you should be able to open a photo or video in the Photos app. Then all your different edits can be done before sharing them on social media or simply saving them to your library.

Jack C. Nugent