Get off the grid with a solar powered photo studio!

Jackery specializes in environmentally friendly outdoor power solutions, and its range of portable power plants can be charged by solar panels, as well as by mains or the car battery. They can, in turn, be used to power all kinds of devices through AC power outlets or USB DC outlets.

The Solar Generator 1000 kit includes a 1002Wh portable power plant and a pair of 100W solar panels. The power station has a pair of UK standard 230V AC outlets (US model has three 110V outlets; other countries have their own household electrical outlets) rated at 1000W, as well than a pair of 5V USB-C and USB-A DC. outlets plus a standard 12V car outlet. This combo is ideal for providing power for a portable outdoor studio, with enough oomph for a pair of flash heads, a laptop, a camera battery charger and for keeping devices like phones too recharged. The pair of panels can fully charge the unit in about eight hours, depending on sunlight levels.

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Explorer 1000 power supply delivers up to 1000 watts of power (Image credit: Jackery)

Other Portable Power Station capacities are also available, such as 500W and 240W models, but you must ensure that the combined power demands of all connected devices do not exceed the total wattage. And, of course, it’s capable of powering many other electrical devices, not just studio kits!

Sure, you can look at portable studio lights with their own power supplies, but this allows you to use any mains-powered set – as well as a host of other devices – using the power. green solar.

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 package costs $ 1,499 / £ 1,400 (around AU $ 2,100).

A pair of 100W solar panels are included in the package, which can recharge the unit to full capacity in about eight hours (Image credit: Jackery)

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