Gabby Petito’s dad shares throwback photo found in storage unit

Gabby PetitoThe father of came across a heartwarming memory on Thursday, June 2.

The late 22-year-old father shared a “Throwback Thursday” photo with his daughter.

The photo is a candid snapshot of Gabby as a little girl snuggling up in her dad’s lap as he cradled her in his arms.

Gabby and Joseph both smile for the camera.

Joseph Petito shares a throwback photo with Gabby

Twitter / Joseph Petito

He captioned the candid photo, “Empty our storage unit and come across this. Take as many photos/videos as you can with your loved ones. #TBT #gabbypetito #missyou #loveyou.

His subscribers were quick to comment on the adorable photo.

Joseph encourages everyone to take as many photos and videos with their loved ones!

“Lovely pics. Glad you stumbled across this. Thinking a lot about Gabby and what you’re going through and Nicole. Domestic violence awareness. Justice for Gabby,” one person replied.

Another sympathized with Joseph, writing, “My heart aches for you almost every day. His story touched me a lot. As a parent, I can feel your pain. I send you a hug Joe. Gabby seemed like such a beautiful soul.

“OMG!! You two are so cute!! She was so lucky to have you and her family!! I’m so glad she’s happy and healthy and enjoyed it what she could. She will be forever missed by all of us,” a consoling follower wrote.

Gabby Petito in front of a butterfly mural
Gabby Petito/Instagram

This person sent their best wishes to Joseph, replying, “Precious moments, thank you for sharing. May God continue to heal, strengthen and comfort your family. Sending love and prayers to all. My deepest condolences. #RIPSWEETANGELGABBY.”

Gabby died at the hands of her fiancé Brian Laundry last summer. His official cause of death was “blunt wounds to the head and neck, with manual strangulation”.

Last summer and early fall, Gabby and her former fiance traveled from North Port, Florida. for a road trip across the country to visit the national parks of the United States.

They packed their lives in Florida. and loaded her into her conversion van which she dubbed “vanlife”. Their travels were chronicled on his YouTube channel until his social media accounts came to a screeching halt.

Gabby was killed by her fiancé

Brian Laundrie had gun on the run, parents and FBI hid from public

Brian returned to Florida from Wyoming without Gabby towards the end of August.

Gabby had basically kept in touch with her mother, Nichole Schmidt, every day, if not every other day.

His communication became scarce and it raised flags in his mother’s head.

On September 11, 2021, Schmidt filed a missing person report.

Her parents’ worst nightmare was about to come true.

Gabby Petito
Instagram | gabspetito

On September 19, Gabby’s body was discovered in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. FBI and law enforcement officials suspect she was murdered in August.

A savage manhunt for Brian began shortly after Gabby’s disappearance and lasted for weeks.

The 23-year-old would kill himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He admitted to killing his fiancée in a notebook before she died.

Gabby’s parents, Nichole Schmidt and Joseph, filed a lawsuit against Brian’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie.

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