FUSD Hires PI to Investigate Its Own Investigation into Bullard’s Racist Photo – GV Wire

The Fresno Unified School District has hired an outside investigator to delve into the district’s internal investigation into the Bullard High photo in which a student wore a headgear that resembled a Ku Klux Klan balaclava, the court confirmed Tuesday. District spokesperson Nikki Henry.

The photograph sparked student protests and walkouts and demands that Bullard students involved in the photo be disciplined.

Students and community members say the photo was just the latest example of a culture of racism and cultural destruction in the district.

District officials hope the new investigation will be concluded “within the next few weeks,” Henry said.

She said she could not provide information on how much the investigator would be paid.

“The total cost will depend on the overall scope of the investigation, given that as the investigator gains new information, the scope may expand,” Henry said in an email to GV. Wire.

The new investigation was commissioned because “there have been a number of concerns that have been expressed by staff regarding the incident in particular, as well as other concerns that have been expressed from events/actions directly related to the incident,” she said.

The first investigation was internal

The district has been investigating the Bullard High photo, which was taken in the school’s weight room after school earlier this month and shows a student with a pointy white headgear who, according to many people, was supposed to look like a KKK balaclava. However, Bullard coaches and members of the Bullard community say the teenager dressed up as a ninja warrior, which they say was his alter ego among his fellow students.

After the photo appeared on social media, a storm of outrage erupted among Fresno Unified students and the Fresno community. Students at Bullard and Edison high schools, led by their black student unions, walked out of class on May 6, and that afternoon, Edison students marched from their southwest campus in Fresno to the center of downtown education district in protest.

On that day and the following days, the students repeated their demands that the district punish the students involved in the photo and determine whether they were supervised in the weight room by a school employee.

Days after the photo surfaced on social media and student protests, the district announced it was moving forward with discipline of the three students linked to the photo: the student wearing the headgear, the student behind him who shot part of the head covering at one point, and the student who took the picture.

Community members later reported that all three students had been suspended and that the district may move forward with the expulsion of one or more of them.

GV Wire does not identify students as they are minors. To protect student privacy, the district has not publicly disclosed whether discipline has yet been taken.

Administrator Terry Slatic, who represents the Bullard area, told KMJ radio on Tuesday that if the district were to move forward with discipline before hearing the outcome of the second inquest, “people could be prosecuted. in justice”.

Slatic and others said one of the students was represented by an attorney.

“Is that what, in fact, is part of what drives the investigation of the investigation, knowing that you better cross the t’s and dot the i’s?” This is something that only the superintendent of the Fresno Unified School District could really answer with 100% clarity,” he said.

Jack C. Nugent