Fix blurry images with HitPaw Photo Enhancer | by FadinGeek | Jul 2022

Some photos just can’t be taken more than once, and you’ve probably messed up a photo at some point. Well… Here’s how you could get the most out of it.

Ladies and Gentlemen… I think many of us forget that we live in a time when everything could be improved by just using that laptop in the corner of the room. Over the past few days I have been testing some software and it has left me very impressed.

“Photo enhancement” has been around since the 1950s. BUT, it was seen more as a service than software. Yes, people used to manually color and add details to the image. Even today, people work to add details to an image and provide their share of service.

But, things are changing. Things get cheaper when technology supports a service or a job to be done, as we all know. People no longer travel on horseback and no longer catch smallpox. Well, photo enhancement has a very similar story.


There are many software programs that do the job of enhancing photos. Although in this article, I will talk about one specific software, which I like and use for photo enhancement.

As software, there are many kinds of enhancements, such as color, detail, face, denoising, etc. that can be performed on an image. We will also talk about this in the last section of the article.

Besides many basic products like video editor, watermark remover, etc., HitPaw also developed image enhancer. It has a simple user interface to contour and enhance image based on face, color, etc.

Repair pixelated images

As the name suggests, it renders an image much fewer pixels and adds necessary detail.

Sharper, less blurry images

There are places in an image where the image is a bit too blurry and doesn’t look decent. Think about the last time you took a picture with your hands shaking. And as you might guess, the booster makes it much better.

Luckily, the user interface is much simpler and can be used by anyone who doesn’t live under a cave. Although there are thousands of image enhancers, in this article we will use HitPaw Photo Enhancer.

I chose HitPaw because it seems to best balance ease of use and a large number of features and is simple and quick to get and use. It’s also free to view and use, although you have to pay if you want to export the image you like.

Get the worst picture you have to turn it into a decent picture

As simple as that. Just get an image that you want to improve and look better. The image below is what I got from google.

Literally detected my face and removed the background for me…

Since my example has a face, I’m just going to choose a face model. This will add the basic details a face needs and de-noise it if it was taken by your grandpa.

Installation and import

Download now

Available for Windows 11/10/8/7 64 bit

Go to the above website and install HitPaw Image Amplifier. Once installed, open the app, choose the image through the app, and that’s it. You can then choose an option on the right depending on what you want to achieve like a face enhancer, denoiser or whatever you want depending on the image and your mood (yes… it even depends on your mood).


The complete process includes 3 steps: —

  • Click export
  • Register/login to your account if you haven’t already. The cost offered by HitPaw to get the results is fair in terms of price and does not compete with iPhones (if you know what I mean).
  • Select where you want it exported (desktop folder, documents folder, etc.).

That’s it! Congratulations on bringing this dead image back to life. All you have to do now is use it as your profile or whatever you were about to do with that ig picture.

Why HitPaw?

Personally, I think there are a few benefits I got from using this photo enhancer: —

  • Simple and does your job – It has no complex user interfaces or overloaded options for you. It has the perfect number of features selected for you, which it does well.
  • Inexpensive – Software quality is what we pay for. As of this writing, I really couldn’t find an image enhancer that does the job for free, with high quality. The ones I found were either too simple or had major setbacks (like the processed image appearing too artificial).

I think it’s a great piece of software for a quick little edit to do with your Instagram posts or some last minute stuff for your snaps. Even though it’s not on social media, I think it’s a good piece of software to have on your computer for any type of image sharpening.

Hope you enjoyed this article, I may be doing more HitPaw product videos in the future, on my YouTube and Twitter channel, so be sure to follow/subscribe just so you don’t miss any things I have planned for you. That said, I’ll meet you there.

You are awesome 🙂


Jack C. Nugent