‘Everyone wants to take a picture with Lewis Hamilton’ – When DJ Khaled wasn’t allowed to click on the photo with the seven-time world champion in Miami

DJ Khaled was walking on the grid ahead of F1’s inaugural race in Miami earlier this year, and stopped for a photo with Lewis Hamilton.

DJ Khaled is one of the best known figures in the music world. He, like many celebrities, attended the Miami Grand Prix earlier this year and was on the grid before lights out.

Khaled wanted to take a photo with Hamilton, but unfortunately for the 46-year-old he wasn’t allowed. Hamilton was about to put on his helmet and get into the car when Khaled arrived. He posed just in front of W-13, but someone on the grid asked him to leave the track.

Indeed, all non-essential personnel have been instructed to leave the track before the formation lap. As a result, he was unable to pose for a photo with the seven-time world champion.

Many celebrities were in Miami for the city’s inaugural race in May. The likes of LeBron James and Tom Brady were there, and they also met and took pictures with Hamilton.

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Lewis Hamilton and his struggles with porpoising in 2022

Porpoising has become a new term that F1 fans are now familiar with. It basically refers to the vigorous bouncing of the cars, as they go full throttle into the race. Changes in regulations this season have led to an increase in porpoising issues, which have recently taken a toll on driver health.

Hamilton in particular struggled with porpoising in his W-13. At last week’s Azerbaijan GP, ​​the Briton took to the team radio to complain to his race engineer about back pain from the rebound. Once the race was over, he was visibly uncomfortable and had trouble getting out of his car.

Lately, it was also revealed that the porpoising had caused the 37-year-old a headache, for which he was taking painkillers. Dealing with long-term “micro-concussions” is something he and others in F1 are concerned about, however.

“In terms of micro-concussions, I’ve definitely had a lot more headaches over the past few months,” he said. “But I haven’t seen a specialist on this.”

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