Evelyn Sharma enjoys motherhood bliss as she shares photo of baby Ava, opens up about her C-section

Actor Evelyn Sharma and her husband Tushaan Bhindi welcomed their first child together, daughter Ava Rania Bhindi in November last year. Since then, Sharma has been enjoying the bliss of motherhood and often sharing chronicles of being a mom through her official Instagram account. Speaking of which, on Monday, January 24, Evelyn once again shared another sweet memory with her baby Ava online.

It turns out mum Evelyn recently came across a photo of Ava that was clicked on shortly after she was born. In the selfie, Sharma can be seen cuddling up with the little munchkin as the camera clicks them together. While sharing the special memory online, Evelyn also opened up about her C-section surgery. The actor wrote: “I found this picture of us in the hospital when little Ava was just born. I had dreamed of this moment forever and imagined the birth of a child was that “goddess-like” experience.

She added: “However, to protect both of our lives, we had to opt for a caesarean section and it became a very different experience. But all’s well that ends well.. Thanks to the wonderful team, you were in my arms even before I woke up, my sweet girl… And when I saw you for the first time, I knew that my life was now over. Take a look at the photo below:

Previously, while sharing another cute photo with Ava, Evelyn shared, “Your life is going to completely change when your baby arrives,” they said… And OMG, our life has changed since little Ava arrived two months ago ! We never thought we could feel the kind of all-consuming, overwhelming love we feel for our child! She took away our sleep, our personal space, created her own daily routines for us to follow, and even when we’re at our wit’s end, her little face lights up and we want to keep going. It’s amazing the love you can feel for someone so demanding! She is everything! My sweet daughter… Our little world.

Evelyn Sharma got engaged to Indian-Australian dental surgeon Tushar Bhindi in October 2019. Two years later, in May 2021, Yeh Jawaani star Hai Deewani got married in Brisbane, Australia.

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