Episode 4 Photo Collection Locations

There are plenty of hidden collectibles to find in life is strange. These optional photo opportunities are scattered throughout each episode, with some requiring Max to make specific decisions or the opportunity to take the photo will not appear.

There are 10 photo collectibles to obtain life is strange, Episode 4: Darkroom. Don’t worry if some have been missed, as any episode can be repeated from the main menu in “Collectible Mode” to search for missed photo opportunities without affecting previous player choices. Each frame will display its own trophy/achievement, and once all ten have been found, the “Shutterbug” trophy/achievement will also unlock.


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All Optional Photo Collection Locations in Life is Strange Episode 4

Optional Photoshoot 1 – Chloe (Maison de Chloe)

Max watches Chloe in her bedroom during Life is Strange Remastered Episode 4

Once Max returns from the alternate reality, stand behind Chloe to take the first optional photo in Episode 4 of life is strange. This will unlock the “Ambient” trophy/achievement.

Optional Photoshoot 2 – Bird Eggs (Chloe’s House)

Max looking at bird eggs in Chloe's garage during Life is Strange Remastered Episode 4

Drop down to Chloe’s garage after taking the first picture and head to the corner next to the garage door. Move the wooden board to take the second optional photo of the bird eggs. Taking the photo will spawn the “Time-Lapsed” trophy/achievement.

Players can discover vastly different states of David and Joyce’s relationship by examining the objects in the house, depending on the important choices they have made in life is strange.

Optional Photo Op 3 – Cairn (Outdoor Dorm)

Max watches Cairn outside the girls' dorm during Life is Strange Remastered Episode 4

By asking about Nathan in life is strange outside the dorm, keep left to spot the Cairn on the grass. Take a picture to get the “Libra” trophy/achievement.

Optional Photo Op 4 – Squirrel (Outdoor Dorm)

Max watches squirrels outside the girls' dorm during Life is Strange Remastered Episode 4

After taking a photo of the Cairn, go see Samuel sitting on the bench. Max can ask him questions on many topics, but be sure to choose the “Animals” and “Squirrels” dialogue options in order to have him feed a squirrel.

Max talks to Samuel during episode 4 of Life is Strange Remastered

Just like in previous photo collection opportunities in life is strange, Max must take a picture of the squirrel to unlock the “Rangefinder” Trophy/Achievement. Once Samuel has fed the squirrel, click on the food prompt to feed another, then take a picture of the two eating together.

Max looks out the boy's dorm window during Life is Strange Remastered Episode 4

Once inside the boys’ dormitory, turn right and approach the window. The “Photo” prompt will now appear for players to take a photo of the footprints outside and unlock the “Gamma Value” trophy/achievement.

Optional Photo Op 6 – Beached Whale (Arcadia Bay Beach)

Max watches a whale stranded on Arcadia Beach during Life is Strange Remastered Episode 4

Before heading to Frank’s RV, get as close to the whales as you can on the beach. Halfway through the route, players will be prompted to take an optional photo of a beached whale. This will unlock the “Diopter Power” trophy/achievement.

After that, Max and Chloe will tell Frank about Nathan and Rachel Amber’s disappearance. If the players took the money in episode 3 of life is strangeFrank will be less hostile towards the pair and easier to convert to an ally.

Optional Photo Op 7 – Bird (outside the barn)

Max looking at a bird outside a barn during Life is Strange Remastered Episode 4

After piecing together the clues in Chloe’s room, Max and Chloe will head to a seemingly abandoned farmhouse. In front of the sheet that must be moved to enter the building, is a bird. Max must take his picture to unlock the “Fisheye” Trophy/Achievement, but he will be frightened by his presence. Rewind time to bring the bird back while standing close to where it will perch. As soon as he returns, take the picture.

Optional Photo Op 8 – Owl (inside barn)

Max watches an owl inside a barn during Life is Strange Remastered Episode 4

Once Max has ascended to the upper level of the barn, go to the very bottom of the platform to take the optional owl photo and get the “Manually Exposed” trophy/achievement. Max and Chloe will stumble upon a discovery soon after and react slightly differently depending on whether or not Kate was rescued in life is strange.

Optional Photo Op 9 – Justin (Pool Toilet)

Max looking at Justin and graffiti in the pool toilet during Life is Strange Remastered Episode 4

Before heading to The End of The World Party’s VIP section at the pool, turn left and enter the restrooms. Justin stands in front of a mirror and looks like his lower half is graffiti thanks to the positioning of the artwork in front of him. Take the ninth optional collectible photograph in life is strange to unlock the “Slideshow” Trophy/Achievement.

Optional Photoshoot 10 – Twin Moons (Pool)

Max watching twin moons at the pool during Life is Strange Remastered Episode 4

Return to the entrance to the pool area and look up and to the right. Two ominous moons can be seen through the high windows, and Max can now take a photo to spawn the “Tripod” and “Shutterbug” trophies/achievements.

Find all ten photo opportunities in each episode of life is strange will lead to a very easy Platinum Trophy, or full Gamerscore, as these are the only optional unlocks in the game.

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One, with a Switch version releasing later in 2022.

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