Emily Ratajkowski Recreates Childhood Photo With Son Sylvester

Emily Ratajkowski recreates childhood memories with her son, Sylvester ‘Sly’ Apollo Bear!

The actress who doubles as a role model and author has always made it clear that giving her child the best experiences they could ever ask for comes first. She reminded fans of that commitment when she took the one-year-old to the town where she spent most of her time as a toddler, Sant Juan. The author assured that she was showing the views of the place with her nearly 30 million followers.

Emily Ratajkowski gives her son experience of her roots

Instagram | Emily Ratajkowski

In the first slide of the photos dumped on Instagram, Ratajkowski looked stunning in baggy army green pants and a black crop top as she posed next to a bright green door. She only has eyes for the adorable boy in her arms.

Although she reappears in the following image, the model sits on the shoulders of her father, John David, like a baby. The third photo showed an excited fan holding the Spanish copy of her book, “My Body,” and the fourth featured the model and her in an open space.

Several other photos of Ratajkowski as a child, including one where she was presumably in her mother’s arms, were included. There is also a video of the “iCarly” actress walking the streets of Sant Juan. The 31-year-old wrote in the caption:

“While I was walking Sly, this lovely man (third slide!) pulled up in his car and approached me holding Mi Cuerpo (my book in Spanish!). He told me he [SIC] and his daughter read it. Talk about a full circle, a universe coming together, a magical moment.

She expressed her gratitude for “this life!” before switching to Spanish to talk about having that “magical feeling” every time she came to “Majorca”. Returning to English, Ratajkowski claimed that she “learned to walk here, and today my son must be in the same place!”

The post was received with love and warmth by fans, who double tapped it over 400,000 times. There were also plenty of comments from fans, with one person noting how “beautiful” the experience was for Ratajkowski and Sly.

The “Blurred Lines” video vixen added a side-by-side photo grid of her pose with Sly and her younger self on her dad’s shoulders to her Instagram Story. Both posts come after The Blast pointed out that the brunette beauty shared three photos showing herself and her adorable boy in a bathtub filled with water, completely naked.

While the first snapshot showed the model using one hand to cover her chest as she began with a standing Sly, the next photo showed the mother-don duo holding hands and enjoying the moment.

In the latest snap, Sly leaned over Ratajkowski’s head as she sank into the tub, covering her chest from the view of an onlooker. The doting mom didn’t mince words to let her fans know her son’s role in her life by writing “loml” in the caption of the post.

The magazine-worthy post naturally caught the attention of thousands of fans, including verified social media users, who wasted no time liking it and calling it “cute.”

The author’s book “My body” arouses envy in a review

Emily Ratajkowski at ICONS at Harper's Bazaar 2022

Back in November 2021, The Guardian provided a detailed examination of “My Body”, saying that Ratajkowski’s “otherwise conscious study of the exploitation of women’s bodies” did not delve into “his own elaborate image-making”.

According to the news website, the 2014 and 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit model’s book tended to be more of a “non-linear memoir” rather than a collection of essays.

This was mostly based on Ratajkowski organizing his “musings” into distinct sections, causing them to “bleed into a larger autobiographical mess” — mostly since most of the essays date back to his teenage years.

Not only does she recall her “near-obsession” with singer Britney Spears and her childhood home in San Diego, but she also recounts the “relentless objectification” she endured at the hands of various employees and romantic interests.

After questioning why the Milan Fashion Week model chose to devote most of her book “to relatively commonplace downgrades”, the reviewer claimed that the model’s artistry and patience were enviable traits.

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