Eight historic photos show Yorkshire from above as the aerial photo map is launched

Historic England launches online tool with 400,000 old and new photos taken from aircraft

Thousands of historic photos of Yorkshire taken from planes have been released with the launch of a new online tool.

historic england aerial photography explorer allows users to browse 400,000 aerial photos from 1919 to the present day. Many images were taken from RAF aircraft during the interwar period, WWII and during the Cold War.

Among the thousands of images taken over Yorkshire, you can see dummy planes at a decoy airfield near York during World War II. There are pictures of the steel works which once occupied the present site of Meadowhall.

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Other notable images include those of the Great Mosque in Bradford under construction and World War II anti-invasion measures on the Yorkshire coast.

Managing Director of Historic England Duncan Wilson said: “I’m thrilled that our new online tool will make it easy for people to access our wonderful collection of aerial imagery and enjoy the historic photography that our team uses every day to unravel the mysteries of England.

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