DVIDS – News – Photo Essay: Work Continues to Upgrade Fort McCoy Power Grid to Wye Power System

Since early 2022, Fort McCoy has been working to upgrade its electrical system to a more modern system.

In January and the following months, laborers and linemen with contractors and energy supplier Xcel Energy worked at Fort McCoy to improve the system, said Brandon Gronau of the Division of Energy’s directorate of energy. operation and maintenance of Fort McCoy Public Works.

“We – Fort McCoy and Xcel – are transitioning from a Delta power system to a Wye power system,” Gronau said in January. “The basis of it is just the way the system is wired. Wye is a three phase electrical system which uses one wire for each electrical leg and a separate neutral wire. Delta is also three phase, but uses one of the legs as a neutral, so it only has three wires.

Gronau said the utility wanted to do this because it is the contractor for the facility’s electricity privatization and owns all of the electrical infrastructure on site.

“Delta can be an unreliable and outdated system,” Gronau said. “We are the only Delta system that Xcel has in the state, so in order to standardize all of their equipment, they made the decision to change us as well.”

In June and July 2022, as part of the same upgrade, contractors were busy installing underground power lines throughout the substation.

“It’s just a continuation of the work,” Gronau said. “This is part of the switch from overhead to underground power and the switch to the Wye system. Work like installing the underground line will likely continue here for (a while) while we go through this.

In January, when the system change was announced, Gronau said the change was good for the facility, especially for the future.

“Fort McCoy’s role in all of this is resilience,” Gronau said. “Because Xcel is changing everything anyway, we have decided to move all of our overhead power that is inside the cantonment area underground as part of our move to make Fort McCoy more energy resilient. So it makes sense to do it all at once. We chose to only do the cantonment area, so they were replacing the South Post poles to upgrade the infrastructure to support the change. »

Work on network upgrades will continue into 2022 and beyond, Gronau said.

Fort McCoy’s motto is “Total Force Training Center”. Located in the heart of the Upper Midwest, Fort McCoy is the only US Army installation in Wisconsin.

The installation has provided support and facilities for the field and classroom training of more than 100,000 service members of all services nearly every year since 1984.

Learn more about Fort McCoy online at https://home.army.mil/mccoy, on the Defense Visual Information Distribution System at https://www.dvidshub.net/fmpao, on Facebook by searching “ftmccoy” and on Twitter by searching for “usagmccoy”.

Date taken: 24.07.2022
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Jack C. Nugent