Doing a boudoir shoot can be healing, say some women

To allow such an experiment to take place, security measures must be taken.

For example, both the client and the photographer will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) stating that their photos will not be published or otherwise shared without their consent. Filming is also done where the client feels most comfortable, whether at home or in a hotel room that both parties agree to reserve.

During the shoot, the client and the photographer will usually be the only people present.

“My clients usually come alone, but they can bring their partner or a friend. Otherwise, they can ask my makeup artist to stay in the same room while filming,” said Andrew Lim, founder of photography company Drewperspectives.

These are fairly typical of most photo shoots, but boudoir photographers take things a step further.

Besides the NDA, which also states that all customer information will be kept confidential, Lim said he gives customers “full control of the camera.”

“After each set of photos is taken, the customer can go through the photos and remove anything they are not comfortable with on the spot,” he said, adding that additional measures like this- These give clients “greater peace of mind so they can fully concentrate on shooting and enjoy the process”.

Like Cliffe, Lim takes the time to get to know his clients. Before meeting in person, he encourages clients to communicate with him via text messaging. During this phase, it feels more “anonymous” and therefore customers are “more open with what they want,” he said.

“People get more shy when they meet face to face, so it’s my job to make them as comfortable as possible. Before filming begins, I’ll play their favorite music playlist and have a chat pleasant with them to try to connect with them on a deeper level.

“I’m going to ask who they’re doing the filming for and why they decided to do the filming. It may be because they want to overcome an insecurity, mark a milestone, or explore a more sensual side of themselves.

“Their answers would help me a lot, not just in how to shoot them, but in the words I use with them. Boudoir photography is intimate – it’s meant to be empowering at a time when clients are vulnerable. It It’s extremely important to be sensitive to every little detail and know how to treat each customer properly,” Lim said.

Cliffe echoed that sentiment, saying some of her clients come to see her to heal from a previous negative experience in the photo studio.

“I appreciate them sharing their stories and the ability to photograph them afterwards, as it helps them heal.

“The purpose of boudoir photography is to strengthen, not to destroy.”

Jack C. Nugent