Detroit Lions Feature Aidan Hutchinson NFL Practice Photo

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is intrigued to see how much more powerful No. 2 pick Aidan Hutchinson can become over the next few years.

“He’s got a ton of room to really get even more powerful, if you want. So his strength is good enough to go out there and compete, no issues there, but still, man, there’s still a ton of meat on the bone with him, which is pretty exciting,” Campbell told reporters, when asked how much room for growth Hutchinson still has.

Early sightings reveal a player who has a quick burst and ability to push forward, which should give opposing linemen challenges as he progresses in his career.

Campbell continued: “Look, you can never say for sure, but I’d say this, that’s one of the reasons we wanted to pick this guy – his DNA says he’s going to do whatever he can. to succeed, and he has enough ability and enough strength, he certainly has, to go out there and help us and help us win games.”

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The Lions social media team posted a photo of several rookies training at the Allen Park training facility this week, exciting several fans who responded on social media.

Among them was Hutchinson, who is seen lifting with James Houston, Malcolm Rodriguez and other recruits.

“Can someone say rookie of the year,” replied one fan. “This is the greatest anticipation to start a season that I can remember in quite some time. Coach Dan Campbell can lead us to a land of respectability.”

Jack C. Nugent