Deathloop Update 3 Adds Photo Mode, Accessibility Options, And More

One of the biggest games of 2021 was from Arkane Studios Loop of death, which garnered a lot of praise for its structure, art style, and interesting concept. Since then, the developers have taken their time to update it in several ways, and now they have released a new update which adds some cool stuff to the game.

While Update 2 improved NPC behavior and added things like a FoV slider, Update 3 adds new content to the game, like a photo mode that allows players to take beautiful photos in the game or capture memorable images of takedowns. like a slew of accessibility features, such as allowing players to change subtitle colors, slowing single player game speed, adjusting the number of replays, new HUD options, and much more. In total, more than 30 accessibility options have been added to the game.

Additionally, the PlayStation 5 version of the game is getting nine free profile avatars, along with bug fixes and overall improvements, various localization fixes, while the PC version supports AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0.

You can check out the full patch notes below.


New additions

photo mode

Game Update 3 introduces a new photo mode for players to take their awesome in-game screenshots.

  • Players can access Photo Mode from the Pause menu on any map in the game
  • Players can also access it by activating the photo mode hotkey
  • Available in Single Player mode only
  • “Camera” options:
    • Fashion
    • Third person view
    • First person view
    • Reader (show/hide)
    • NPC (show/hide)
    • Floating messages (show/hide)
    • Field of view
    • Tilt
    • Blur intensity
    • Auto focus
    • Minimum focus distance
    • Maximum focusing distance
    • Lightning intensity
    • Flash Color (7)
    • Grid (Add grid for image composition)
  • “Filters” options:
    • Filters (17)
    • Filter intensity
    • Exposure
    • Saturation
    • Contrast
    • Thumbnail
    • Chromatic aberration
    • Sharpen
  • “Characters” option:
    • Character (Colt or Julianna)
    • Outfit (12 for each character + Deluxe Edition outfits)
    • Weapon (14 weapon poses for each character)
    • Weapon variant
    • weapon skin
    • Pose (dozens of poses for each character)
    • X offset
    • Y offset
    • Z offset
    • Spin
  • “Stickers” options:
    o Possibility to include up to 4 stickers (40 stickers available)
    o Frame (14 frames available)

Note: All base game outfits, weapon skins, and weapon variants will be automatically unlocked for Photo Mode, even if you haven’t unlocked them in-game. Deluxe will only be available if you own the Deluxe Edition. Arkane Outsiders exclusives are also not available unless you join the Arkane Outsiders, which you can still do to receive the “Eternalist Colt” outfit and “Ever After” unique weapon in-game!


DEATHLOOP’s third major update also includes new accessibility options, from a new “Accessibility” category to menu and menu navigation improvements, and gameplay accessibility and difficulty options. , and more.

Menu navigation improvements

  • Menu navigation has been improved with support for keyboard and directional buttons. This is in addition to previous support for mouse and controller analog stick navigation. This improvement should make menu navigation easier, especially for players using a controller.

First Launch Accessibility Improvements

  • Players can now change the color of subtitles when first launching a new game with a new save
  • This first launch menu also now includes an overview of subtitle formatting. This preview will show the impacts of size, color and opacity choices on the display of subtitles.

Menu Category Accessibility

  • A new dedicated accessibility category can be found in the options menu, including both existing options and new options available with this patch. The accessibility menu has four categories: Visuals, Gameplay, Interface, and Menus.
  • All settings in the Accessibility category are duplicated in other menus. For example, HUD accessibility options are also available under the Interface category. We hope this will make it easy for players to find relevant options.

Gameplay accessibility options

  • Number of times
  • Players can now choose between 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or infinite replays (solo mode only)
    • Increase or decrease the difficulty of the game by choosing how many times Colt can die before the loop is reset. For example, zero replay means the loop will reset the first time Colt dies.
    • Online or Friends modes will still require the default setting of 2 replays
  • Aim Assist Lock
    • Full aim assist lock on NPC, camera and turrets is now available when enabling this setting (single player only)
    • When this setting is enabled, using the controls to aim a weapon (for most weapons) will cause the reticle to snap to the target and lock. This can improve enemy targeting during gameplay and is disabled by default.
  • hack mode
    • Players can now change the input for the hack from a hold (default) to a toggle
    • When set to a toggle, pressing once will start the hack and end automatically when the timer ends. Pressing a second time before the end will cancel the hack.
  • Aim mode
    • Players can now change the input for aiming down sights from a hold (default) to a toggle
    • When set to a toggle, tap once to enter aiming, and tap a second time to stop aiming.
  • One shot kills
    • When this new setting is enabled, all enemies (NPCs, cameras, turrets) are instantly killed when hit by a weapon, machete or grenade (single player mode only)
  • Battle Difficulty
    • Three preset battle difficulty options are now available: Forgiving, Default, and Severe (single player)
    • With higher difficulty levels, enemies attack more often and are more accurate
    • Only the default setting is available for Online or Friends mode
  • Lock loop tension
    • Enabling this new setting will remove the increase in difficulty from the loop tension increase system
    • When this option is disabled, the game automatically adjusts the difficulty based on the player’s success in killing visionaries, increasing the difficulty when multiple visionaries have been killed in the same loop. This setting is set to disabled by default.
  • Adjust game speed
    • This new setting will reduce game speed from the default (100%) to 75% or 50% speed (solo mode only).
    • Combat, player movement, and enemy animations are all impacted by this setting
  • Adjust game speed mode
    • When game speed is set to 75% or 50%, this new setting allows players to choose whether the mode is set to Always or Toggle.
    • Show binding for this toggle in Controls menu for keyboard and controller
  • Pause the game while the wheels are active
    • Enabling this new setting will cause the game to pause when a player activates the weapon wheel (solo only)
  • Tag multiple enemies
    • Enabling this new setting will mark multiple nearby enemies within a radius around the player or within line of sight (solo mode only)
    • When this setting is disabled, only the target enemy will be marked

Additional game fixes

  • level design
    • Bug fixes and general improvements
  • Narration: o Various text updates to support photo mode, accessibility and new options
    • Various localization fixes
  • pc only
    • AMD FidelityFX™ (FSR) 2.0 super resolution support

Jack C. Nugent