Conservative mayoral candidate warns of ‘traffic chaos’ on bike lanes…using photo from Canada

A Conservative mayoral candidate’s campaign proposal to remove a bike lane to ‘stop the traffic chaos’ is pictured online with a photo from Vancouver in Canada, 5,000 miles south of London.

Inside Croydon spotted the Croydon Conservatives’ campaign page, which asks readers to sign a petition in protest against plans by Labour-led council to build a segregated cycle lane on the A235 Brighton Road, uses Photo by Dylan Passmoretaken April 2020, of a segregated Canadian bike path using cones in response to the pandemic.

The page titled ‘Stop Brighton’s Road Traffic Chaos!’ is signed by Cllr Jason Perry, Croydon Conservative mayoral candidate for the next election in May, and says:

We have been contacted by a large number of residents about Labour’s proposals to separate the cycle lane and bus lane, with barriers, the full length of Brighton Road. The cycle path will be separated by orange barriers and will run from Purley to the Swan & Sugar Loaf.

This will cause huge traffic congestion and damage local businesses by removing parking and loading bays – even at ‘off-peak’ times of the day, further impacted by the decision to make existing bus lanes 24/7 and 7 days a week.

The Labor candidates think these measures are “extremely welcome”, but we call on the Labor Council to abandon these plans. If you agree, please get back to us and sign our petition!

We think it’s time for the Labor Council to start listening to Croydon.

The “barriers” mentioned above, in accordance with Letter from Croydon Council informing councilors of the proposed changes, will be plastic chopsticks.

As part of the Experimental Traffic Order, the council explained that it intended to introduce experimental changes to the Brighton Road corridor between Purley High Street, including converting the ‘existing advisory cycle lanes’ into “compulsory protected cycle lanes”.

This will see the dotted white line cycle path markings [below] replaced with a solid white line and plastic vertical strips, “extending the length of cycle paths and the space for cyclists at junctions to provide a safe and protected space for cyclists, helping people to choose to cycle “.

Brighton Road Cycle Path (Google Maps)

Bus lane hours are also to be extended to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while increasing pedestrian space and improving level crossings.

Under the experimental traffic order framework, changes can run for up to 18 months while they are monitored and evaluated.

Unlike other traffic projects, experimental orders are built first, then consultation takes place during the six months of the opening of this one being operational, after which a decision is made on whether to make the permanent changes.

Tories Cllr Perry and Croydon have put transport issues at the heart of their mayoral campaign, opposed to low traffic neighborhoods too.

The people of Croydon will go to the polls on May 5 to elect their next mayor, a choice likely to be between Tory Cllr Perry and Labor candidate Val Shawcross who will seek to keep the borough under her party’s control after their success in 41-29 seats. in 2018.

Jack C. Nugent