Concerns over a ‘severe’ traffic jam were raised when applying for 135 potential homes – Photo 1 of 1

Concerns over ‘severe’ traffic congestion, air quality and access were raised as councilors discussed an application that could see 135 homes built in West Windsor.

At a meeting of the Windsor and Ascot Development Management Committee on Wednesday, councilors discussed a draft application for up to 135 new homes in Windsor.

Only access was considered at this stage, all other matters being reserved, including layout.

Situated on land adjacent to The Hatch and south of Maidenhead Road and north of Windsor Road in Water Oakley, the plans also include areas of open public space, including pocket plots and play spaces, as well as associated landscaping, parking, biking and walking path. connections and access for vehicles on Maidenhead Road.

The site includes the northern part of the AL21 site allocated for housing under the adopted Local Borough Plan (PLB).

Proposals include up to 135 homes, ranging from single-family homes to apartment buildings, 40% of which would be affordable.

The plans are part of wider proposals for the AL21 site, which could see the construction of 450 homes and a special education school.

At the meeting, Martin Hall, president of the Oakley Green and Fifield Residents’ Association, shared “significant concerns” about highways and heritage issues.

Bray Parish Councilor Nick Pellew also raised concerns about access issues and air quality, saying that from the main west entrance to the site the road presents a “bend dangerous” and a narrow sidewalk in front.

He said: “Visibility to the left will be very difficult despite the proposed flares.

“With limited visitor parking at the site, any parking on the road in front will be unsafe for cars exiting the site, disruptive to traffic and dangerous for other road users, especially cyclists. .

Cllr Pellew explained that there are already ‘regular’ traffic queues at peak times and that this development ‘will lead to severe congestion for longer periods with the consequent worsening of the impact on quality air”.

He explained that air quality measurements are already ‘very close’ to the UK limit at parts of the site.

Cllr Amy Tisi (Lib Dem, Clewer East) raised concerns about access, the number of homes on offer and air quality.

She said, “I am concerned about air quality and I don’t feel like as a borough we are monitoring air quality properly.

“That we have underestimated the number of trips made from the site and the cumulative impact on air quality, so I have concerns.”

Cllr Julian Sharpe (Con, Ascot & Sunninghill) raised similar concerns, but added that it was an “interesting proposal” and that he liked the addition of self-build units as it makes it “pretty interesting”.

Jordan van Laun, project manager on the application on behalf of Wates, said the proposals are seen as “very sustainable” and that the scheme “provides for predominantly family homes” and “fully meets the council’s requirements for ‘parking space and garden’.

He explained that the first houses on the site are expected to be completed in 2024. A motion allowing the application subject to conditions, in accordance with the officers’ recommendations and with all matters reserved to be referred to the committee, was passed.

Jack C. Nugent