Carlow students invited to participate in new Climate Action and Energy Prize – Photo 1 of 4

Secondary schools in Carlow are being challenged to take innovative action in response to the climate emergency through a new Climate Action and Energy Award, in association with Young Social Innovators and EirGrid.

EirGrid, the national electricity grid operator, has launched a partnership with the non-profit organization Young Social Innovators (YSI).

This collaboration will see EirGrid become the new Climate Action and Energy partner with YSI for a period of three years.

Young Social Innovators empowers and supports young people to develop and implement innovative ideas to bring about positive social change for the benefit of people, communities and the environment.

Over the past 20 years, some 145,000 teens have participated in YSI’s social innovation programs in post-primary schools nationwide. EirGrid will become YSI’s challenge partner under its environment pillar.

Alongside this, a ‘Climate Action and Energy’ award will be created for current entrants to the Young Social Innovators of the Year Ireland Awards 2022.

Speaking about the partnership, EirGrid Public Engagement Manager Sinead Dooley said:

“EirGrid is transforming the power system for future generations, and with that in mind, we believe it’s incredibly important to listen to and engage young people who are driving climate action efforts.

“At EirGrid, we are committed to better outcomes for all and we recognize the value of creating dialogue with society at large.

Going forward, EirGrid intends to engage a wide range of stakeholders in in-depth and meaningful discussions about the future and role of the network. With this partnership, we hope to learn a lot from young people across the island of Ireland and that we will be challenged and inspired by their innovative ideas,” added Dooley.

Commenting on the partnership, Rachel Collier, Co-Founder and CEO, Young Social
Innovators said:

“We are delighted to announce this exciting new partnership with EirGrid, focused on what is arguably the biggest challenge we face globally. How can we live and consume more sustainably is a key question to which young people can contribute.

“This new award, in partnership with EirGrid, will recognize young people’s efforts to innovate around climate action and energy and empower and engage them to play a critical role in the solutions needed.”

Schools can express their interest in getting involved now by emailing [email protected]

To find out how EirGrid is delivering a cleaner energy future, visit or for more information about the important work done by YSI, visit

Jack C. Nugent