Brockwell Lido basks in post-war sunshine 74 years ago – Brixton Buzz

We are indebted to Lambeth Archive for publishing this magnificent photograph of Brockwell Lido from the summer of 1948 – almost three quarters of a century ago,

The caption reads:

As the heatwave begins, here is Brockwell Lido showing the pool and fountain with crowds enjoying themselves in 1948.

The Lido was built by London County Council in 1937

The lido was closed by Lambeth Council in the early 1990s due to cost cutting measures.

It was then occupied by squatters in the summer of 1993, who lived in the disused changing rooms and offices around the swimming pool.

The abandoned site was used for parties, raves and even an end-of-tour party for The Levellers, but the night we remember the most was the incredible show put on by the Exploding Cinema in August 1993.

Luckily the Lido is still open to South Londoners, although it’s no longer a cheap option – and the days of brining in your own cans and a steak or two for poolside refreshment are unfortunately long gone.

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Jack C. Nugent