Born2Kill Free Fire UID number, Net worth, Name, Face, Country, Photo, Age etc.

Born2Kill Free Fire UID Number, Net Worth, Name, Face, Country, Photo, Age and more: Over the past few years, since Youtube quickly gained viewers, many YouTubers have made their careers making videos with incredible content. And game videos are the next step towards other content videos, montages, and highlights are attracting game lovers to YouTube. FreeFire players who typically stream their game to their youtube channel have seen remarkable growth over the past few months. In all these cases, Moez Mansouri is off the beaten track, a Tunisian Youtubeur who owns a channel named Born2Kill. Moez Mansouri and his brother Walid both run the Born2Kill youtube channel. Read more and explore more on this topic. Follow more update on

Born2Kill Free Fire UID number

The Born2Kill channel crossed the 8.5 million subscriber mark with 418 videos uploaded to the channel and a total of over 550 million views. The UID of the renowned FreeFire channel is 320653047 and its stats are quite remarkable. Born2kill acquires the win percentage with 17.88℅ and 54312 opponents were eliminated by the user, this user also has a ratio of 7.09 K / D. 510 out of 3,137 came out as a winning game in both duo matches and in solo matches, Born2Kill was able to convert the game by winning just 173 times out of 1,410 matches. Born2Kill achieved his highest K / D ratio in team matches of 7.09 while he is lowest in a solo match of just 3.76 K / D.

Born2Kill Born2Kill

Born2Kill: age, name, face, country, photo

If we take a look at Born2kill’s interest in battle royale, he only participated in battle royale once in squad match mode but they weren’t able to snatch the first and only able to score two eliminations with a K / D ratio of 2.00. Born2Kill still hasn’t played in duo or solo matches. Born2Kill has loyal supporters as they’ve been supporting their favorites since day one of their FreeFire trip.

Born2Kill’s Net Worth and Monthly Income

According to some reports, Born2Kill user earns well on digital media platforms, it is estimated that Born2Kill user earns between $ 1.8,000 and $ 28.2,000 each month on their social media platforms, but mainly on YouTube feeds. According to Social Blade, Born2Kill earns thousands of dollars per year, the source estimates that the Born2Kill user generates around $ 25,000 to $ 300,000 per year. Last month, the Born2Kill channel recorded 70,000 subscribers and over 7 million views on YouTube. Moez Mansouri has been active for two or three years on FreeFire and his YouTube channel and regularly uploads game content to the Born2Kill channel. This chain is gaining strength and its future looks bright.

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