Bold & Beautiful’s Matthew Atkinson (Thomas) celebrates birthday with photo from Yellowstone National Park

“It was an adventure …”

This time of year is often very hectic, given the holidays and preparations for the upcoming New Year, but The daring and the beautiful Matthew Atkinson (Thomas) took a step back. The CBS soap opera star shared a photo of Yellowstone National Park all bundled up with a serene snowy backdrop to let fans know what he’s been up to recently – and why he’s been off the grid .

“My Christmas and my birthday this year were spent deep in the mountains in prayer (and in the snow),” he explained, “I was off the grid mainly hence my lack of Internet.”

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Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from social media and enjoy the world around you and he went on to say that in doing so, “it’s been an adventure with all the winter storms, but it was worth it. sadness.”

Monday, December 27 marked Atkinson’s birthday, when he turned 33. While some people don’t appreciate having their birthdays so close to the holidays, he said, “It never bothered me” and said, “I’d rather everyone feel gratitude for the Lord Christ, the reason for the season.

Closing the post, he urged his followers, “Enjoy every moment you have in this life, it’s quite a miracle.”

Join us as we send Atkinson a very happy birthday, and then look back on his character with a gallery below filled with photos of Thomas’ many ups and downs over the years.

Jack C. Nugent