Best Photo Scanning and Video Scanning Services

Before my parents left New York to settle in Arizona in 2006, they left me many of their personal effects: a dish set, an upright piano, a giant fig tree. The most treasured item I received was a box full of photos documenting me and my siblings as we grew up.

I put it away in the attic, where it was soon joined by boxes of photos and videotapes given to my husband by his parents, along with the prints and negatives we amassed on our own at the a time when digital cameras and smartphones weren’t a thing.

Over time, I found myself worrying about what would be lost in the event of a fire or hurricane. I wanted to digitize the images not only to preserve them, but also to share them with my friends and family, especially my teenage daughter, so that one day she could look back on them and realize that her parents were too youth.

It wasn’t until I decided to test photo scanning services for Consumer Reports that I found the energy to complete the project. For many years I was unsure how to deal with the items – overwhelmed, really, by the sheer volume of material – and, more specifically, hesitant to hand over my irreplaceable photos and videos to an unknown entity.

When Jerry Beilinson, who oversees technology coverage at CR, offered boxes of his family’s slides from the 1960s and 1970s, I was even more motivated. But believe me, dear reader, when I say that I was now twice as afraid to launch this project. Imagine being responsible not only for your precious family memories, but also those of your boss.

Jack C. Nugent