Azerbaijan and EU discuss expansion of Southern Gas Corridor [PHOTO]

Azerbaijan and EU discuss expansion of Southern Gas Corridor [PHOTO]

By Ayya Lmahamad

Azerbaijan and the EU discussed cooperation for the expansion of the Southern Gas Corridor, reports Azernews.

The discussion took place during a meeting between Azerbaijani Energy Minister Parviz Shahbazov and EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson, who is visiting Azerbaijan.

During the meeting, the parties underlined that the memorandum of understanding on the strategic partnership in the field of energy between the EU, represented by the European Commission, and Azerbaijan opens up great opportunities for enlargement cooperation in various directions in the field of energy.

The parties discussed cooperation on decarbonization, energy transition, renewable energies including hydrogen, energy efficiency and green energy technologies. They stressed the importance of sharing experiences in areas such as the integration of energy produced from renewable energies into the electricity grid, offshore wind energy, the hydrogen economy, the carbon trading and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, information was provided on the activities implemented to create a green energy zone in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan.

The parties also exchanged views on a number of issues such as opportunities to support renewable energy, including wind energy projects in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea and the Azerbaijan-Georgia submarine cable project. -Romania of the Black Sea, as well as research of the potential for exporting hydrogen from Azerbaijan to Europe.

It was agreed to develop a roadmap for the implementation of cooperation arising from the Memorandum of Understanding on the Strategic Energy Partnership and to continue discussions on issues of mutual interest in the framework of the Azerbaijan-EU energy dialogue.

On July 19, Azerbaijan and the European Commission signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation in the field of energy. The document was signed by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

The EU and Azerbaijan maintain an active dialogue on increasing gas supply in the context of the energy crisis. EU-Azerbaijan energy cooperation has reached a new level and continues within the framework of the Southern Gas Corridor. The EU attaches great importance to the diversification of energy supply, and the Southern Gas Corridor is particularly important in this respect.

As a reminder, with the completion of the construction of the TAP (Trans-Adriatic Pipeline) on December 31, 2020, Azerbaijan started commercial gas supply to Europe via the Southern Gas Corridor. The Southern Gas Corridor is an initiative of the European Commission for a natural gas supply route from the Caspian Sea and Middle East regions to Europe. The route from Azerbaijan to Europe includes the South Caucasus Pipeline, TANAP and TAP.

Last year, TAP transported 8.1 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe. By the end of 2022, Azerbaijan plans to increase the gas supply to Europe to 9.1 billion cubic meters, and in 2023 the volume of gas supplies is expected to reach 11 billion cubic meters.

Ayya ​​Lmahamad is the journalist of AzerNews, follow her on Twitter: @AyyaLmahamad

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