Ashley Graham shares a photo of her belly 10 months after giving birth

Ashley Graham continues her journey of body acceptance after giving birth. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ashley Graham shows off her “new belly” in a bid to understand how her body has changed with motherhood.

The 35-year-old model is mum to three boys, including a set of twins born in January 2022. Just 10 months after giving birth to Roman and Malachi, she continues her journey to accept her new form.

Graham shared a photo of herself

Graham shared a photo of her “new belly” 10 months after giving birth. (Picture: Instagram)

On her Instagram Stories, Graham shared a photo of her belly with stretch marks on it. “You are very different from what I’m used to,” she wrote. “But I like you.”

The model has long been known to preach and practice body positivity, making sure to do so throughout her pregnancies and after giving birth twice – while being candid about the struggles she has faced.

“I’m the person who shouted to you from the rooftops, ‘I like the skin you’re in.’ Yet for me, the birth of my three children threw a lot of things out the window,” he said. -she writes in an editorial for Charm in May. “I’ve learned that it’s okay if the journey to loving the skin you’re in is more complex than you could ever have imagined. Even now, if I’m being completely honest, I will in waves. I’m still not quite comfortable in my body, regardless of my own advocacy for body positivity.”

Graham explained that sharing some parts of her struggle ultimately helped her come to terms with her new body. She’s also been praised for her vulnerability and honesty along the way.

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