An even larger giant blue ‘picture frame’ has been added to the Garden of the Gods park

A much larger version of the now infamous “big blue picture frame” has been installed at Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs, according to reports.

The first blue frame appeared in the park in 2017 during an effort to rename Colorado Springs to “Olympic City, USA.” After heavy public criticism, City retired the frame shortly after its debut.

The crews remove the infamous “big blue sign” from the Garden of the Gods. Photo credit: Christian Murdock; Colorado Springs from the Gazette

“The original execution of the frame was admittedly flawed,” an official said. “The 12-foot frame was far too small to be impressive to passers-by, not doing the amazing park justice. Over the past five years, we’ve worked with some of the best engineers in the state to create a frame blue photo worthy of the Garden of the Gods.”

The new frame is 30 feet tall and 45 feet wide. To make way for the colossal framework, 25 parking spaces were removed from the park’s main parking lot, according to the statement.

Organizers of the effort hope the larger, more prominent setting and its location in a busier area will help boost its popularity with tourists and locals alike.

“People didn’t stop often enough, choosing to take photos without the included frame. Admittedly, the small size made it difficult for large groups to fit into the space without blocking out the background,” said said a manager.

Although the project has won support from some, its detractors are already calling for the framework to be removed. An online petition was created around the same time witnesses reported the addition to the park.

In a tweet, a prominent official said of the complaints, “Hats gonna hate.”

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Editor’s note: Calm down, this whole article is just an April Fool’s joke. The City of Colorado Springs has no plans to put up an even bigger sign at the Garden of the Gods — at least that we don’t know of. Don’t forget, it’s April 1st! Make no more mistake. This is one of two coins from us to watch, both of which have a similar footer, as seen here.

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Jack C. Nugent