An edited photo is falsely shared as a stunning image of a golden snake

A Photo is shared on social media claiming that it is an amazing real life image of a golden snake. Sharing the photo, this post asks people to see the golden snake on Naga Panchami for good luck. Let’s check the assertion made in the message.

To claim: Amazing image of a golden snake.

Do: The photo shared in the message is an edited image created using digital tools. This golden snake photo was created by a Brazilian designer named Mandrak. Therefore, the claim made in the message is FAKE.

When searching reverse image of photo shared in post, same photo was found in an article published by the ‘Wafflesatnoon’ website in December 2015. ‘Wafflesatnoon’ confirmed this as a digitally edited image attributing the photo to a designer named Mandrak.

When we searched for more details using relevant keywords on the internet, we found the same photo on the “Design Crowd” website. This photo was posted by Mandrak, a designer based in Brazil, as part of the ‘Alternative materials: gold’, a photoshop community contest organized by the “Design Crowd” website. In this competition, participants had to convert any ordinary image into pure gold. This golden snake photo designed by Mandrak was placed second in the contest. Mandrak’s official portfolio published on the ‘Design Crowd’ site can be seen here. Mandrak published the same photo with the title, “Photoshop Submission for ‘Alternative Materials: Gold’ Contest | Design 8967763″.

The original image from which this design was created can be seen here. Although there are some reptiles species which exist in golden color, the photo shared in the post is a retouched photo and does not show a real photo of a golden snake.

To sum up, an edited photo is being falsely shared as an amazing image of a golden snake.

Jack C. Nugent