Amanda Kloots’ Son Elvis, 3, Looks Grown Up in New Photo: He ‘Brings Me Joy’

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Amanda Kloots/Instagram

Amanda Kloots is grateful for her 3-year-old son, Elvis Eduardo.

The Talk co-host, 40 – who lost her husband, Broadway star Nick Cordero, in July 2020 to complications from COVID – acknowledged the role Elvis plays in her life in a sweet Instagram post on Wednesday.

“Someone asked me what brings me joy these days,” she wrote in the caption. “That face. Those eyes. That smile.”

In the image, Elvis is wearing a colorful jumper and smiling at the camera with his eyes wide open.

Kloots’ husband died aged 41 after spending 13 weeks in intensive care. Shortly after his death, Kloots told PEOPLE in an October 2020 interview that she found comfort in her son through the grieving process.

“Thank God I have a little piece of my husband,” she said of Elvis at the time. “Whenever I’m sad, he lights up my mood in two seconds. He looks at me with his big smile and his little teeth, and I’m instantly transported into a different mood.”

She added in her interview with PEOPLE that they often start their mornings playing music by Cordero and every night before bed look at pictures of him.

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According to Kloots, his home is filled with family memories – a rug in the living room has the title of Cordero’s song “Live Your Life” on it; a painting of the family, made by one of his Instagram followers, hangs on the wall; and a pillow on the sofa is covered with printed photos of him.

Earlier this year, Kloots compared the grief in her daily life as a single mom to an onion.

“You know how you peel an onion and it makes you cry? I feel like heartbreak, why does it never end, it’s because we keep living, right? think about it, it’s your grief, that onion,” she added. Explain.

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