“AITA for refusing to delete my daughter’s graduation photo and replace it with my husband’s graduation photo?”

Don’t deny that all those photos you’ve taken of yourself, your family, your pets, your kids, your vacation, your local architecture, whatever, will be revisited at some point in the future.

Chances are they’ll become a pain to manage, so you’ll put off sorting them out, so you’ll probably come back to them once or twice in your life until you run out of storage space to support that business.

And then they’ll be buried under other piles of photos.

But hanging them on the wall is definitely a solution if you want the memory to stay alive. Just make sure no one starts threatening your mural feng shui. Speaking of what…

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Hanging a picture on the wall is a sure way to keep the memory alive. Just make sure no one starts threatening your wall feng shui

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A mother of an 18-year-old high school graduate recently turned to the Am I The A-Hole community on Reddit for some perspective.

The mother proudly hung a framed photo on her living room wall, depicting her daughter at her graduation ceremony. Incidentally, her husband, the 18-year-old’s stepfather, also graduated, although he earned a master’s degree from it quite recently. And he also had a picture he would like to put on the living room wall.

Well, this wall’s feng shui was threatened by a 35-year-old husband who was “competing” for wall space, his graduation photo against his daughter-in-law’s.

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But here’s the problem. At first the mother thought he would want her picture Next to the girl. Apparently he wanted her picture In place of the girl. The strange request turned request was immediately questioned.

Well, the husband thought the two photos had “different weight and value” – one for high school and the other for a master’s degree. But, in the eyes of the mother, this did not justify the replacement. According to her, he can’t just claim the whole wall, pushing the photo of the girl – whom she deserves to like, if any, to cheer her on – down the hall. But he insisted. It quickly turned into a huge argument. The one the mother considered a “hill” on which she would die.

Also, one that she would also share on the AITA subreddit. Since posting a few days ago, the post has received love in the form of 13,900 upvotes and a handful of Reddit accolades.

Apparently the husband thought his master’s graduation photo had more weight and value than his daughter-in-law’s high school graduation photo

Image credits: Throwaway624335

Image credits: Stanley Morales (not the actual photo)

Right off the bat, people voted that OP isn’t the jerk here, with the top-rated comment, with 31,100 upvotes, suggesting that OP hangs the husband’s picture above the toilet ‘where his attitude belongs “.

Others took a swipe at the husband’s fragile masculinity and were simply surprised at how openly he was against having a ‘family wall’, pointing to other possible issues in family dynamics. .

People online had none of that, asking if the husband was really 35 because his behavior made him look 12

OP spent some time responding to commenters, where we also find out this isn’t the first incident they’ve had. The husband also criticizes the daughter’s food, saying he doesn’t like vegan food, but she really likes to cook and that has caused a problem in the past.

People were suggesting to be realistic about it and said that the beloved master doesn’t do much for the husband if he acts like that.

Anyway, you can check out the now-viral post here with all the replies intact. But before you go, share your thoughts on which is the hole here, or, if you’ve ever encountered a similar situation, let us know how you solved it in the comments section below!

Jack C. Nugent