Adorable photo shows Mayim Bialik reuniting with her Big Bang Theory co-star for Celebrity Jeopardy

Even though The Big Bang Theory completed three years ago, the cast can still reunite in a fun way. While a real The Big Bang Theory the reunion may be a long way off, fans can still get mini ones. Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons work together on call me katand now Bialik is sharing photos from another reunion, this time on Celebrity danger!

When she’s not running her own cat cafe on the Fox sitcom, Mayim Bialik is the host of Celebrity danger! on ABC. With a trio of new celebs competing to raise money for their charities, it was only a matter of time before Bialik found a familiar face. Melissa Rauch, who played Bernadette on the beloved CBS sitcom, appeared on the Nov. 6 episode, and Mayim Bialik shared adorable photos of the contestants on Instagram, including Rauch:

Melissa Rauch faced comedians Ray Romano and Joel Kim Booster in the sixth quarter-final, and although she ended up being eliminated, it was still great to see her back on screen with Mayim Bialik. In the episode, Bialik mentioned that she and Rauch were locker room neighbors for a decade and are still close, which is nice to hear. Amy and Bernadette’s friendship on The Big Bang Theory was unlike any other, so seeing them come together was something special.

In a fun coincidence, there was a The Big Bang Theory reunion on Celebrity danger! just a week before the Melissa Rauch episode. Fans of the sitcom remember that star trek veteran Wil Wheaton played himself in several episodes, and the actor competed on the game show and won the October 30 episode. see two big Bang alums in back-to-back episodes just makes me hope more reunions are on the way as the season goes on.

Melissa Rauch did not return to television immediately after the The Big Bang Theorybut fans need not worry that she celebrity hazard her appearance will be the last time they will see her again on network television in the near future. She should play in the next one night yard comedy series on NBC alongside John Larroquette, India de Beaufort, Kapil Talwalkar and Lacretta. The series will be part of the 2023 television schedule and will air on January 17. night yard marks Rauch’s first major TV role since The Big Bang Theoryso the wait will surely be worth it to see her performing again on TV.

Celebrity danger! airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC, with new episodes streaming the next day on Hulu with a subscription! You can also re-watch the twelve seasons of The Big Bang Theory featuring Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch to stream with an HBO Max subscription now.

Jack C. Nugent