A photo shows Pence and his family hiding from the Trump Mob on January 6

A new photo obtained by ABC News shows former Vice President Mike Pence and his family in hiding during the attack on the US Capitol building on January 6, 2021.

Pence, along with his daughter, brother Rep. Greg Pence (R-Indiana), and wife Karen Pence, are shown in the vice president’s ceremonial office inside the Capitol. The photo was taken shortly after Pence was evacuated from the Senate chambers due to the building being violently breached by a mob of former President Donald Trump’s loyalists.

By the time the photo was taken, the crowd’s chants to “Hang Mike Pence” had already begun.

Pence sits at a table while his daughter rests on a sofa in the background, visibly upset by what happened. Karen Pence is seen closing curtains on a window in the room to prevent rioters from seeing them inside.

Minutes after the photo was taken (by former official Pence photographer Myles Cullen), the family was moved to a safer location – a loading dock under the Capitol, ABC News reported.

Hours later, Pence would return to Congress, along with other lawmakers. Reopening the certification ceremony, he delivered a speech, describing the horrors of the day as a “dark day in the history of the United States Capitol”.

The photo highlights the gravity of the day’s events, with Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-California), a Jan. 6 committee member investigating the attack, say it CNN Wednesday night.

“I think the public probably doesn’t know how close that call was,” Lofgren said. “The rioters nearly captured the vice president and I think there’s very good evidence that they would have hurt him, maybe even killed him.”

The mob of Trump loyalists were angry at Pence because Trump had spent the last few days repeatedly – ​​and wrongly – asserting that Pence could alter the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, which Trump lost to current President Joe Biden. The Constitution does not allow a vice president to alter or overrule individual states’ electoral college votes, and their role in the certification ceremony is largely nominal.

White House aides said that Trump was pleased with the chants of his supporters hang the vice-president, and that he happily watched the violence unfold on television safely from the White House. Earlier this year, Trump said in an interview that it was “common sense” for his loyalists to call for the hanging of Mike Pence.

“How can you pass a fraudulent vote to Congress?” How can you do that?” trump said. Notably, no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election has ever been uncovered.

Jack C. Nugent