A Guide to Photo Mode

Gotham Knights is a brilliant cinematic game that lends itself perfectly to photo mode. Luckily for gamers, it has a really good photo mode that will let you capture every moment of your crime-fighting fun. Whether you play as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, or Red Hood, you’ll find plenty of moments that will have you paused from the cinematic nature of a quick takedown or a perfect escape.

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Although one of the strengths of Gotham Knights photo mode is the ability to take a fairly mundane moment and make it look like something special. The ability to alter a character’s body pose or facial expression means that simply standing on the edge of a roof can go from boring to epic with the tools at your disposal.

Unless you’re completely in love with photo mode and want to tweak every little aspect of an image, you should avoid opening the advanced options. They’re certainly there if you want to browse or use them, but most of the time they get into the weeds of what’s otherwise a pretty sleek and streamlined photo mode. The developers really found what worked and made it the default option for players to use. I never felt the need to explore additional options to enhance an image.


Although it’s not very glamorous, here’s an untouched version of the image we’ll be working with. It’s worth including just to establish a bit of a baseline.

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This tab is quite simple. You look at things like focus and filmstrip. A great use of film can certainly spice up an action scene or grab attention.

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Brightness and filters

If you’re like me, that’s where you’ll spend the most time. Gotham Knights can be a bit of a dark game. While I often feel like the game is filled with wonderful neon lights and dynamic lighting, my screenshots can look a little dark at first glance. Turning up the brightness can really bring out the details. Don’t go too light or you’ll wash out the colors in the image. Filters and frames can add a lot of personality to an image, sometimes even making it look like a postcard. Be sure to explore all the options here, as there’s plenty of room for customization.

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expression and posture

Changing your character’s pose won’t be necessary if you’re capturing the middle of a fight, but it can really liven up an image where your character is just standing in the street or on top of a building. Being able to change the facial expression is also a nice touch, although you might not notice it on a masked character like Red Hood. This tab also gives you the option to hide your hero. So if you’re just looking to take in the scenery, you can do so without your knight getting in your way.

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The lighting is great because it lets you fine-tune things more than adjusting the brightness. You can really highlight where the light hits a character’s face or costume. Good lighting can be crucial, especially in Gotham City.

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The presets are awesome and I used them for all my screenshots. Once I found a brightness I was happy with, I saved the option to a preset and made sure that every time I entered photo mode, I was looking at a slightly brighter, more vibrant version of the world. . If you want to take a lot of screenshots, being able to save your settings is a fantastic advantage.

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Jack C. Nugent