4 unique ideas for wedding photo booths

These are like fun walkways! Nothing breaks the ice at a wedding like a photo booth, whether it’s the fun backdrop, the blushing objects or the comical props. In front of the camera, friends, family, and generally formal people will end up mingling and laughing. And photo booths are the best thing for that! Moreover, in addition to adding fun, these also bring a lot of color to the wedding decoration.

Here are 4 unique photo booth ideas you can take inspiration from.

1. The Instagram Booth

They’re going to upload it with your wedding hashtag anyway, so why not set up your booth with some of those iconic Instagram frames and hashtag props with your monogram and wedding dates?

flower backdrop

2. Floral Backdrop

Whimsical and secret gardens go hand in hand, and this natural and floral backdrop will be a stunning backdrop for your photo booth. It can be a cozy outdoor seating area that doubles as a photo booth, with a basic green halo as a backdrop dotted with bright flowers. This arrangement allows your visitors to lounge and mingle while taking pictures.

3. Walk inspired by flowers

Weddings involve a plethora of flowers, and there’s no limit to your creativity when it comes to these beautiful items. Choose something that moves: a bicycle, a rickshaw or even a rocking horse! Then cover the whole space with your favorite flower, marigolds are ideal as they are both hardy and colorful! Then all you have to do is relax and enjoy the photos!

umbrella cabin

4. Colorful umbrellas

The brilliant display of colorful umbrellas will serve as a vibrant place for your visitors to take photos as well as a cool focal point in your party decor. You can even hang them upside down from the ceiling for a more European feel.

Apart from the huge backgrounds, attractive props that respect your interests and the jokes shared among the guests are a must for a great wedding reception photo booth setup. Decorations and items from a wedding, bridal shower, or even a birthday party can often be recycled into photo booth props. If you’re struggling to find inspiration, check out these ideas.

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Jack C. Nugent