15-Year-Old Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Photo Leaves People Shocked

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson turned 50 today (May 2) and mankind at large will agree that it has been an absolute pleasure to have him around for the past half-century.

To celebrate, we’re revisiting one of the internet’s favorite photos of the WWE legend, and it’s no less stunning the second time around.

Think back to February 2021, when Jimmy Fallon got his hands on a photo of Johnson as a 15-year-old that was so stunning it started a whole viral trend.

Posting a photo of teenager Dwayne posing in nothing but a pair of white shorts alongside a picture of himself at the same age, Fallon wrote: “The Rock at 15 vs me at 15. “

Johnson’s appearance – that of a Michelangelo sculpture – collectively blew the internet away, prompting hordes of social media followers to share their own posts side by side.

Others, presumably too sickened by the prospect of having to stare at a photo of their teenage selves juxtaposed against the absolute feat that is The Rock, simply mustered the strength to express their shock.

One person simply wrote, “I’m dying” while another exclaimed, “How is The Rock 15 in this dang picture?!”

A third Twitter user wrote, “You don’t even look like the same species.”

“Oh my God,” wrote a fourth, while a fifth rightly wondered “what the hell were they looking at.”

Other comments included: “Brah…”, “Damn Dwayne!” and “Who tells The Rock, 15, that he needs his room cleaned.”

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson turned 50 today May 2. Credit: Alamy

Standing next to the hydrocarbon version of himself – which represented the Jumanji actor wearing dress pants and a waistcoat while holding a tequila glass – Johnson showed off the stunning resemblance.

Walking over to the Khloe Kardashian figurine, Johnson then expressed dismay at the butt difference, noting, “Guys, can we – that’s amazing! Can we add some more? Give me glutes. Glutes like that.”

Before long, Johnson’s clip had been viewed over 13 million times, including by Kardashian herself, who wrote on Instagram, “Looks like I’m in AMAZING company. Yesss @therock.

Beneath a clip of the unveiling of his wax work, the Fast and Furious The star gushed on social media: “Stuff like this will always be one of the coolest parts of my job. Thank you Madame Tussauds for joining me in creating such an awesome fan experience!

Jack C. Nugent