13 photo caption ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day might only happen once a year, but if you’re with the right special someone (or just have a big group of Pal-entines), every day can feel like a celebration of Valentine’s Day. ‘love. So why limit your V-Day Instagram post to just one day of photos? If your camera roll is filled with an assortment of moments as sweet as a heart-shaped box of chocolates, there’s no better way to mark February 14 than with a snap. But finding the right caption for a Valentine’s Day photo might not be as easy as picking out a pre-written message from the drugstore card aisle.

Not everyone can be a blacksmith, ready to write a sappy sonnet for your S/O on a whim. And the stakes can seem especially high when your secret admirer post is publicly posted on the grid. A picture is worth a thousand words – which means a photo can loudly display your love for someone without the need for a long loving caption. But, if you’re looking for something sweeter to top off your Valentine’s Day snaps, here are some nifty jokes that can sum up your feelings for your stream. No Hallmark card needed.

1. Not a dozen roses, but here are some pretty pictures…

Whether you’re long distance with your beau, or your gift-giving love language is simply best expressed on IG, this caption is perfect for any photo series.

2. Swipe for my secret admirer →

Best used on a photo repository where the first photos don’t feature your S/O, so the suspense of the sweep can turn into a nice shot of them. (Think: a series of classic “soft launch” photos like your drinks at V-Day dinner, before a hard launch photo of the two of you together.)

3. Valentine’s Day Moodboard

If you like the aesthetic of roses and candy-grams, play Cupid’s curator by creating a V-Day moodboard. It can work as a summary of your own V-Day (or Galentine’s) shenanigans, or can even serve as a vision board for how you want your V-Day to go.

4. Valentine’s Reveal →

If your followers like to play the long game, give them a good hunt by putting a photo of your Valentine at the end of your photo dump. The first photos can be sweet moments from your special day or photos of your platonic Valentines. (If you don’t have a handsome one, you can always use it as a tongue-in-cheek buildup for a goofy photo of your best friend.)

5. Choose your Valentine

The Valentine’s Day equivalent of the classic “Pick Your Fighter” photo dump caption, this one is especially perfect for a roundup of you and your Palentines.

6. A bunch of V-Day photos

In Shakespeare’s words, “A rose by any other name would still smell so sweet.” Who says a handpicked selection of your beaming best friends can’t count as a bouquet?

7. Roses are red, violets are blue, photos are adorable, and so are you.

There’s no time to rhyme like Valentine’s Day. Show your stream that you’re a poet who knows it by incorporating this classic sappy stanza into your discharge.

8. Swipe to see when Cupid’s arrow hit

Better save it for a dump that can crescendo with a photo from your first date, a photo of the two of you in your younger years, or, of course, any photo of you totally in love with your beau. (Bonus points if you photoshop into cartoonish heart eyes.)

9. Please don’t dump me for this photo shot…

Puns and photo dumps are a match made in heaven. And that caption fits perfectly with a slideshow of goofy photos from your S/O.

10. Dump in loooove

Pay homage to everyone’s famous valentine, Beyoncé, with this version of Drunk in Love. You might want to emphasize puns with musical emojis if most of your followers aren’t on Beyhive.

11. Swipe left to see the one I swiped right

Another sweeping buildup that’s perfect if you and your S/O met on a dating app.

12. It’s not a box of chocolates, but here’s an assortment of sweet mems

Life is like a box of chocolates, and love can be too. If your love memories are as varied as a box of chocolates, then channel your inner Forrest Gump with this legend.

13. Do you love me back? Swipe left to tick yes.

Who doesn’t love the reminder of Valentine’s Day the time of puppy love and passing grades? Use it for a photo dump of your S/O, or, if you’re single and ready to mingle, let your followers know you’re free on Feb. 14 with a “pictures” roundup.

Jack C. Nugent